Custom Designed Fabric

As a progressive and dynamic enterprise, Inspire International now offers a bespoke custom design service with our talented in-house design team. Each clients specific design requirements are used to create a custom designed fabric that is tailored to their corporate identity, colour scheme or locality, such as the Barrier Reef.
With custom designs there are minimum order quantities to be met, but these are easily achieved. If you are finding it difficult to find a fabric for your specific needs or want to stand out from the crowd, then a bespoke fabric may give you the exact look you need!

Designs can be tailored for a wide range of commercial interiors, such as hotel rooms, corporate offices, schools, libraries, universities, bars, restaurants and healthcare providers.
Prices vary per project dependent on labour and meterage required. Please email your ideas or requirements to Cathleen at:

The above bespoke/custom made fabric was designed by Andy on our in-house design team for a refurbishment project in Alexandra Headlands QLD.

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