QUESTION: When I get to PayPal the business name showing is "Inspire International" is this you???

ANSWER: Yes Inspire International is correct, we also own Linen Lovers.

QUESTION: Who owns Inspire International?

ANSWER: Inspire International is owned by Cathleen Campbell and her extended family. We are a family run business based in Mooloolaba Queensland, operating since 2006. Where possible we try to keep all work within the family unit and our closest friends.

QUESTION: Where are you based?

ANSWER: We are based 5 minutes from Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

QUESTION: What is your postal address?

ANSWER:  Inspire International – P.O. Box 1246, MOOLOOLABA  QLD  4557

QUESTION: Can I phone through your order and why does it sometimes drop straight into message bank?

ANSWER: Yes please feel free to phone it through, although when we are in the shed packing orders the phone service is affected, so it often drops straight into message bank. Please leave a message and we will return your call if this happens.

QUESTION: What payment methods do you accept?

ANSWER: PayPal, Cheque, Money Order, Direct Deposit, Credit Cards through the PayPal website for members and non members. 

PayPal - This provider offers you the means of paying via your credit card WITHOUT having to have a PayPal account.

Personal or Business Cheques - via mail (which will need to clear prior to the shipment of your order).

Money Order - Available at all Australia Post Offices in Australia.

Direct Deposit - Banking details are available through the shopping cart experience as you near the end.

PLEASE NOTE-  We do not offer an over the phone credit card facility, please go  to the PayPal option provided and you can use their credit card facility without having an account. We also offer direct deposit.

QUESTION: What are the freight charges in Australia?

ANSWER: Freight is charged at cost. We offer bulk rate shipping on large orders.

QUESTION: Do you offer a parcel tracking facility?

ANSWER: All parcels sent via Australia Post Eparcel offer this facility, by visiting the Australia Post website, please use this link:


All parcels sent via Fastways offer a tracking facility, please use this link:


QUESTION: Will I receive a receipt for my order?

ANSWER: Yes our website will generate your receipt and email it to the email address supplied when the order is places. PayPal will also receipt your order. If you need a further receipt we also generate every customers order in MYOB, we will happily email this receipt to you also.

QUESTION: Do you have a lay by facility?


QUESTION: Do you ship internationally?

ANSWER: Yes – freight will be charged at cost and can be worked out on the following calculator.


QUESTION: I am having trouble placing my order how can I get help?

ANSWER: Please feel free to call Cathleen or one of  the staff on 0423 873 512 or email your problem to: shopping@linenlovers.com.au and we try to rectify the problem for you.

QUESTION: Can I return my order?


Due to personal hygiene reasons – UNLESS THE ITEM IS DEEMED TO BE FAULTY, we do not refund or exchange mattress protectors, pillow protectors, toppers, quilts, pillows or under-blankets etc. If the item is faulty we will negotiate with the manufacturer on your behalf and find a solution in the quickest possible time frame.

QUESTION: How long will my order take to arrive?

ANSWER: Generally speaking orders take 7 working days to arrive into us from the manufactures. Then we need to allow Australia Posts shipping times. This is why we advertise approximately 2 weeks on delivery of the order. We do also carry a lot of stock of the most popular lines, so sometimes we ship the same day.

QUESTION: What is Mega King?

ANSWER: Mega king is a regular king sized bed 184 x 204cm with a 50cm drop. So a king bed with a pillow top.

QUESTION: What is Super King or Super King Mega?

ANSWER: Super king is 204 x 204cm with a 50cm drop

QUESTION: What is Super King Deluxe?

ANSWER: Super king is 204 x 204cm with a 60cm drop

QUESTION: What size quilt should I buy for my bed?

ANSWER: Generally speaking always buy the quilt and the quilt cover one size bigger for a generous fit. I.e. for a queen sized bed you would purchase a king sized quilt and quilt cover.

QUESTION: How do I put on my bedwrap??

ANSWER: Please go to this informative link at You Tube provided by Linen House the manufacturer.


For all other questions: Please email sales@inspireinternational.com.au